Cast off in pattern on row with yarn-overs

Hello, my old friends!
I haven’t been here in the forum in AGES!

I’m working on a Cardigan for Yarnspirations social media. So far, I’ve had no trouble. But, I’ve come to a stand-still. I’ve left a message for Customer Support, so I should be hearing from them soon.

But, I’m wondering if one of you amazing knitters can help in the meantime.

I’m casting off some stitches (in pattern) at the beginning of a row, leaving several on a holder to work later. This is not the hard part. The difficulty is that the row I’m working has yarn-overs in it. I have no idea how to maintain the lovely pattern while working those yarn-overs, while casting off.

I will probably have to switch to just knit stitches, I guess. What do you think?

I decided to just knit the stitches I was binding off, because “hello” - they are being bound off!

I don’t think anyone will be examining the last row with a magnifying glass, you know?

Some things are just not worth the trouble.

Wow, Shandeh! What a welcome post to read. Glad things are busy and going well at Yarnspirations.
Yes, I’d just knit away at those sts too. Looking forward to seeing the new pattern.

Hey girl! :slight_smile:
Yeah, I’m crazy busy with Yarnspirations. Knitting and crocheting stuff for social media, moderating forums and conversations on Ravelry and the Yarnspirations Forum, entering and editing their patterns on Ravelry, and managing their Flickr account. Occasionally, I write an article for the Yarnspirations Blog.

But, I do miss being on the Mod Squad here. hug

I hope you are all doing well!

By the way, here’s a photo of the cardigan I’m knitting. It’s the Mixed Stitch Cardigan, using Patons Glam Stripes yarn.

Mmmm-mmm, gorgeous detail.
We miss you too.

:waving: Good to see you! The sweater is beautiful. Now we do of course need to see yours. Please. Pretty please.

Just wanted to post a photo of my completed Mixed Stitch Cardigan, using Patons Glam Stripes yarn in Teal. I’m very proud of it, and it fits perfectly!
:heart: :woohoo: :heart:

IMG_20150921_161720.jpg by Sandy, on Flickr

IMG_20150921_162052.jpg by Sandy, on Flickr

IMG_20150914_130736 by Sandy, on Flickr

Gorgeous detail and beautiful work, as ever, Shandeh. Thanks so much for posting!

Thank you, my friend! :slight_smile:

So pretty, Sandy! I love the color!

Thank you, Jan! :slight_smile:

Wow! A gorgeous sweater…! :thumbsup:
TEMA :knitting:

Thank you! :smiley: