Cast off for Flower Basket Shawl

HELP!!! I have finally finished this shawl, but I am puzzled by the bind off row. It says to: K2, *transfer the 2 sts back to the left needle and K2tog through back loops, then K1, *repeat from * to * across. Does anyone know where I could find a video so I could actually see this? I hate to ruin something I have spent so much time on at this point. I may put in a life line just in case.

Well if there is no video, what you could also do is knit up a small swatch to use as practice so you can see how it works as well.

Thanks, this is what I have done. I am trying to decide how I want to move the first two stitches back on the the left needle. Can’t decide if I want to go through the back or the front of the stitches. I am guessing they are meant to be transferred back to left needle one at a time. Made one small swatch; think I will make another one before deciding. I just hate to ruin this shawl; it has taken me so long to finish it. Thanks again for the suggestion.

I think you would move them back as if the two tips were joined and you just slide them back to the left side like you slide them along a solid needle or cord.