Cast Off Dec 2 Sts Evenly?

I am working from an old pattern and at the end of a piece the instructions say ‘cast off dec 2 sts evenly’? this the same as ordinary cast off i.e. knit 2 slip first over second and so on?..confused!:??

You could k2tog before slipping one st over the other and do that in two places over the row of sts you’re binding off. You sometimes see this when binding off cables in order to prevent a sloppy cast off edge.

Could you post the row before it and after it, or what sort of pattern are you doing? If you have a link to it or to a picture, and what part you’re on, that would help a lot.

I’ts a pattern for a babies cardigan I’m doing - the last 2 rows say ‘work 2 tog, patt to last 2 sts, work 2 tog’

2nd row work straight

You repeat these 2 rows once, then it says cast off dec 2 sts evenly? Sorry no pic - can you help?

I think you’re to just dec 2 sts evenly space on the last row as you cast them off. So determine where that should be and when you get there, k2tog instead of k1 and lift the previous st over it.

Though given the dec row has a dec at the beg and end of the row, maybe that’s what they meant instead of ‘dec evenly’. In which case you work the first 2 sts tog, then one more and cast it off. Just BO as usual to the last 2 sts, then work them tog and cast off.

Thanks suzeeq - just to clarify on the bind off row do you mean k2tog, k1 then pass one over the other and do that all along the last row? Sorry can’t seem to get my head round this one!