Cast off and the purl

I am making a baby sweater. This is the link to the free pattern:

I am done with the first set of raglan shaping and neck shaping. Now the instr says : With WS of work facing, join yarn to rem sts. Cast off 2 sts. P63 (including st on needle after cast off) (back).

My ques is after CO 2 sts the single stitch will be on my right needle. Do I move this stitch to the left needle and then purl 63 stitches?

Also the very next set of raglan shaping instr refers to which set of stitches? the 63 stitches or the 34 stitches? and I am guessing that the raglan shaping instr after that are for the 34 stitches as I did something similar for the left front…


No, the leftover stitch from casting off is already worked. You can cast off in purl, will probably look better anyway.

It says the 34 sts are on a holder, so you’re not working on them, it’s just the 64 sts (it’s 64 because of the one left from the cast off is added to the 63).