Cast off and I-cord question

I’m attempting to make the Lily bag and there is a part of the pattern that asks for casting off and turning which I don’t know what that means.

For casting off, does it mean to just bind off those two or just drop those stiches off the needle? Here is what the pattern says:
(K19, cast off 2, K20, cast off 2, K19) x2

Then after I do some other rows I finish off with knitting (on circs). It comes to the part where I do an I-cord bind off & loop closure. The pattern says:

[B]Turn[/B], cast on 3 stiches and begin I-cord bind-off: (K2, K2togTBL, Slip 3 stiches back to left hand needle) repeat.
When 31 stiches have been cast-off, make loop.
Now what does turn mean, I thought it was on circs so what do I turn to?

Thanks so much for any help with this.

yes, i think that does mean bind off.

Thanks janaya for the confirmation. I thought that is what it meant.

Does anyone know what the turn thing is about though?

This video for I-cord attatchment might help?