Cashmere - yum

i would like to do a sweater from an '02 Vogue Knitting that calls for Dali (cashmere) by Trendsetter. They report their new line Kashmir is an exact substitute for the original at 16 stitches = 4 inches on number 9s. (bet it is expensive) and about 165 yds for each ball of 100gm.

Also found (at patternworks) “minnow merino” but only 77 yards at 50 grams so would need to double the amount – each ball is 8 dollars. So double that would be 128 or so.

Any other yarns you know about that would be good in this man’s central cable pullover?

knitterboy willie in texas:grphug:

If you can’t afford cashmere then find a yarn you really like and use it for your pattern. I noticed that designers use generally expensive yarns but there are lots of really nice yarns on the market that will do just as well. All you need to concern yourself with is getting the required gauge for the pattern. If you can find it and really want cashmire then find a less expensive version(if they exist) of yarn blended with something else. Good luck making the sweater. But use yarn you really like and want to pay the price for it.