Cashmere yarn

I am looking for somewhat affordable cashmere yarn. I know I can go with cashmerino or something like that if I can’t find something else but I would like to give finding a pure cashmere a try first. What I have found so far seems to be short on yardage OR about $45/100 yd skein. I am thinking I would need about 300 yards or so, so that isn’t really in my budget…lol.

Anybody know of a pure cashmere off the top of their head that isn’t outrageous (I know I am asking a lot but I figgered it was worth a try!) :muah:

[color=indigo]Cashmere without the Cashmere price tag. I also hope someone can point to some. I found this very nice sweater pattern, and I sooo want to make it, but I went and priced the cashmere (some special blend) and it was going to cost nearly $600 to make the sweater!!!
Since then, my husband pretty much allows me to purchase any yarn for any project since I showed so much ‘self-control’ by not buying the super spendy cashmere!! lol [/color]

If you have used clothing stores in your area, you can sometimes find cashmere sweaters. Then open them up and you have yarn. I found a gray sweater, 100% cashmere, for about $4.00, it yielded about 20 oz. of yarn. Sounds like a lot of work, but I find it’s worth it.


i haven’t tried them, but the prices seem great and you can read customer reviews, see FO’s people made with the yarn…

ColourMart is great! I have some of their yarn. It is lovely! I got 1750 yards of fingering weight cashmere for $22 (that includes shipping!).

:wall: i can’t get on their siiiiiiiiite… i will have to save it for later.

Dustina is doing a good job enabling me too and pointed me in the direction of ebay! I think if I buy it then she doesn’t have to! :rofl:

There aren’t that many color choices left, and I have no idea what the quality is, but has Filatura Lanarota Luxury Cashmere for $15.99/skein (154 yds).

I’ve seen Colourmart and wanted to try them, but wanted to hear what other knitters had to say 1st…I’m gonna have to have some, too!!! :cheering:

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Sarah’s Yarns also has cashmere…I haven’t bought from her, but people positively rave about her, and her yarns :smiley:

The 100% cashmere pages say that they’re a direct sales/wholesale only item, but I believe that she opens it up to anyone every once in a while – someone on the knitty boards posted that they got some from her for $13.00/200 yards recently. Worth an e-mail, IMHO!

Jojoland carries cashmere too:

I know a lot of people recommend colourmart – but I bought some “DK weight” cashmere from them and it was really, really, fine, more like sport or fingering weight. It also wasn’t very soft :-x …perhaps I got a bum skein or something :shrug:

well i did find colourmart on ebay by accident and they had a note on there that said that their DK is “oiled” for machine knitting. said that once you put it through a wash it will bloom. not sure if that would make up the difference or not. will check the other sites you mentioned too! Thank you!

I purchased from JOJOSQUARE…an Ebay yarn shop…and was totally happy with the yarn and her customer service! She has 84 listings tonight! Example of prices: 800 yds fingering for $24.99 She also carries heavier weight cashmere. DK and Aran.

aaaah! thank you… I actually found that one when i was surfing around tonight at when it was quiet at the p/t gig. I saved that one in my list to check out again tomorrow night after I have had a chance to check my LYS to see if they had something yummy. If I can’t find the perfect thing at either place tomorrow I will definitely be checking those stores out again! :heart:

I bought the cashmere on smileys site. I wasn’t really thrilled with it although the scarves I made were “nice.” I think I would have been better off using a really nice blend. It was only $15 a skein but I didn’t think it was black enough. I dunno, I guess it’s the old thing about getting what you pay for. The FO didn’t look like I had spent what I did even though it was !00% cashmere and it definitely wasn’t as soft as I had expected.