Cashmere yarn close-out sale

The House Of yarn is going out of business, we have to sell all the inventory of pure cashmere yarn. Check out the colors available at:

I have some interest in bidding on this yarn. However the listings are primarily in Italian and I am not comfortable bidding unless I can read the listing completely.

If you are hoping to sell in the US you might want to have the lisiting availABLE IN eNGLISH.

Are you sure you are looking at the right listings because all the ebay listings of the house of yarn are in English.

The descriptions of the yarn are in English but all the bidding info is in Italian.

I sent a message to the seller and they were very responsive, got back to me right away.

I discovered that if I go to their site through ebay, rather than the above link, all the info is in English.

Do they really mean “or best offer???” I’ve never done that. $90 is a little pricy but if I can just make an offer and keep my fingers crossed???

Has anyone done that???

You weren’t the only one. I tried several different ways last night and it didn’t recognize the name.

I don’t know how to locate her Ebay shop directly…the English version. The Ebay search engine says I need her shop ID number.

Ebay is so ridiculous to navigate. So annoying.

When you open the link, just go up to the address bar and change the “it” to “com”. :thumbsup:

I have tried “Best offer” with other sellers. Never works, it seems that even if it’s close to the buy now price they won’t accept it.

I figured that was the way with “best offer”. My best offer wouldn’t be anywhere near $90. The yarn sure does look pretty though!

I’ve always had good luck with ‘best offer’ bids - at worst, they come back to me with a slightly higher counteroffer. My latest ‘best offer’ bid that was accepted saved me a total of $180 on a brand new sewing machine!