Cashmere From Smiley's

I’m trying to choose some yarns to order for some starter projects (probably just a couple of scarves right now). I saw some Cashmere yarn on Smiley’s for $15.99 for 154 yds. I know that’s a good price, but is the quality good? They also charge $9.95 for shipping.

I was also looking at the KnitPicks site (through Amy’s link of of course) and they seem to have a lot of nice yarns as well (and free shipping over $30).

I don’t want to break the bank on this, and want to just order from one place to minimize shipping costs, etc. Any advice?


I think it’s a very good price for cashmere but…if you are just starting out you should probably buy less costly yarns and then move on to the cashmere when your tension is even and the chance for making mistakes is less. You can use it as a “reward yarn” the price and the yardage is nice on this one too.

There is nothing wrong with KnitPicks, it’s one of my very favorite online stores and I also love the free shipping. What’s not to like? I’d go with KnitPicks for now and then splurge later because you’re worth it!