Cashmere blend

I’m looking for a nice cashmere blend yarn to make a sweater
for mom’s next birthday. Won’t use the Debbie Bliss cashmerinos
anymore as it pills too much.

Preferably an aran or worsted weight. Am considering RYC cashsoft,
but am open to other suggestions.


I’ve used Rowan Cashsoft DK for a hat for myself. I loved it - it hasn’t pilled so far but I’ve only washed it once.

Chix just started carrying a brand new line called “Sublime”. Its VERRRRAY nice!!! They have a Cashmere Merino Silk blendthat is YUMMMY. The price is not too bad, either!

Who makes the Sublime yarns? With the cashmere scandal ongoing,
I want to know what I am getting.


Sublime is a brand new line/company. Its distributed by Knitting Fever Int’l (KFI). :shrug:

Guess I will go with the RYC cashsoft.

It might be too thick, but I really like the Panache from knitpicks. has great cashmere. They have 100% or you can get cashmere/cotton or cashmere/silk! Their prices are very good, too.