Cash Iroha

I have a pattern that calls for this yarn. Does the feel of this change after blocking? I’m making a sweater that should drape slightly when it’s done but from the looks of it I’m not sure. Any input is greatly appreciated. Also does anyone have any patterns they have made with this? This yarn is by Noro.

I’m not sure how much blocking would help, but also according to the info on this site it needs to be dry cleaned so I’d be very careful blocking it. :shrug:

Thank you so much. I guess I’m just not happy with the project in general.
I saw some Merino Frappe that might work nicely. It’ll be an expensive loss but I’m sure I can use it for something down the road, unfortunately I bought 8 hanks of it.
I’m certainly going to be learning a lesson from this one.

I have some in my stash (a recent purchase at Little Knits), but have not used it yet. Many knitters have made the hourglass sweater with it. Check out Ravelry reviews. From what I gather, the yarn does grow with washing, so maybe it would become more drapey.

What color did you get? I got 106 and apple green and have not decided what to do with it yet.


I bought #22 Rust. I usually knit with off whites, or greys and finally decided to get into some color. I was making the small but it seems to be too long if I follow the pattern and the wrists on the arms seem too large for me also. I’ll look into the pattern you suggested since I don’t think this one is working out for me. The yarn shop where I purchased it also recommended Mernio Frappe which I wish I had bought in the first place, less expensive and the black looks like a dark grey. I’m rather frustrated with this project and hope I can figure it out cause this was more than I normally spend since I’m back knitting after many years. Thanks for your input!