Casein Needles

Anyone ever heard of them? My lys lady sold them to me, but the needles are from a this company: Swallow Needle Mfg. Co.. They’re from Australia. I used them to start a swatch, but didn’t get enough done to really make a judgement on them.

I thought I’d start this thread just to stimulate conversation about them. Like I said, I already bought them. I just thought that there might be others who would at least want to know other needles that are out there.

You use cheese needles?? Cool!

Way back in the 70s when the world was going through a huge oil crisis (“the oil shocks”), scientists worked out how to make polymers without the use of petrochemicals. They found that milk proteins could be used to make cost-efficient alternative plastics and these milk-based plastics were/are generally known as “casein”.

that’s cool. whodathunkit?