Case of the mystery bruise SOLVED! lol

ive had a bruise on my theigh for about a week now and i had no clue how it got there… i didnt walk into anything or anything that would cause it to go all black and blue it has been annoying me that i didnt know where it came from …
well today just now in fact i was sitting in my computer chair with my feet proped up knitting and noticed that when i knit here with my feet up i push my needles into my leg to scoot the yarn onto the needle better… right in the spot of the mystery bruise… MYSTERY SOLVED!!! :cheering: :cheering: :thumbsup: lol victory dance

i didnt know i bruised so easy… or that i could injure myself knitting… but thats ok… a bruise wont kill me so i knit on… :smiley: just felt like shareing …lol stay shiny everyone

Congratulations on your first knitting injury!! :thumbsup:

tearing up i will rememeber this always! lmao :rofling:

You should take a picture & post it here…you know, as a warning about the DANGERS of knitting! :rofling:

I haven’t had any computer chair knitting injuries, but I always manage to get my needles tangled up with the headphone cord. Since I listen to Amy’s videos over and over again…my boyfriend gets quite annoyed…lol.

Last week though, I was moving my needles around and somehow one of the ends scratched me right underneath the eye. I had a red mark there for a day or two…loL.

eww… the eye is one place you DONT want your needles… i dont tangle my needles but my cat trys to eat them when they get to close to her ears when she is on my lap…lol

tempting as that is… the last thing i want is my fatty legs posted online lol :wink:

Nicoley, that’s too funny.

No injuries so far, knick on wood. But I’ve been knitting a lot with the two-circular-needles method lately, and I have a habit of pulling of the work to free up more yarn. That extra set of circulars has come precariously close to my eyes a couple of times! I should put a warning about that in the video!


lol maybe you should be wearing safty goggles lol … be safe you need thoes eyes! :wink:

p.s. Hoppy Easter (if you celebrate it… if not Hoppy Chocolate bunny sale day)