Cascading Leaves Socks w/Sherman heel & toe FO

:smiley: Now that I’ve finished my MIL’s dayflower lace scarf for Mother’s Day I decided to cast on for my sister’s Cascading Leaves socks. My yarn came in the mail so that I could begin another pair of socks. I’m knitting the lovely cascading leaves (pdf file) 2 @ a time on size 1 addis, using KnitPicks Essential yarn in burgandy (one of my sis’s fave colors :smiley: ).
LOL, I will probably do something I rarely do…I will cast on her Mother’s Day scarf as soon as my yarn arrives & I will have more than 1 project on the needles…a rarity for me, more common for most of you :wink:

On no Rebecca…

Be careful! First it’s one extra project… then before you know it, it’s two. Next you need the needles in the first project and you either put that project on a stitch holder or you go buy a second set of that size needles. Eventually if you use stitch holders, you must buy more of those, because you have none left for non UFO use.

It’s risky and can be expensive joining those of use who always have too many projects on the needles. We should probably start a multiple WIP’s annonymous group. But as we talked about what UFO’s we have to each other, we are likely to only want to try what the others talk about, and I’m afraid we would only cast on MORE project.

It’s a lost cause!

Enjoy the knitting!

Mama Bear


:roflhard: :roflhard:

I like having more than one WIP. Can’t quite explain why - I think I’m in denial :shock:

Welcome to the dark side, my friend! :roflhard: there’s no turning back you know!?

LOVE the scarf, Becks! Gorgeous work!! Can’t access the socks though :frowning: maybe that’s better – I have about two thousand pair waiting for me as it is…good thing I LOVE knitting them as much as you do :inlove:

LOL, ya’ll are too funny :smiley: I’ve not yet cast on for the 2nd wip…I’m waiting on the yarn to arrive :wink: OMGoodness, I can’t even imagine how many I would have to have to occupy all of my needles :shock:

Okay, I cast on with 2 socks on circs & made a booboo bc I was talking, well, I was still talking when I corrected it & began the ribbing…LOL, I had cast on my usual one sock :smiley: Which is okay, I’m done with the leg & will begin with the short row heel tomorrow a.m.; I think that’s all I’m changing in the pattern…thus far, anyway :wink:

Rebecca, Your scarf is just gorgeous. I love the ends. Are those leaves worked into the pattern or are they appliqued?

You and Mama Bear are totally cracking me up over the monogamous vs. polygamous knitting. :roflhard:

I have to confess - I am a monogamous knitter too. I can’t handle trying to keep up with multiple projects! :slight_smile: I need the therapy of seeing one thing thru at a time.

I’m sorry, I bet the sock pattern file can’t be accessed bc it’s a membership deal on yahoo or an adobe problem. Anyway, the Cascading Leaves & several other very nice sock patterns @ the yahoo group called Townsendsocksknitalong should anyone want to join :wink: I have done this pair of Cascading Leaves before, but the pattern will show up better in these solid colored socks, I think :smiley:

I’m so HAPPY to hear from another monogamous knitter…LOL, i often feel like the only one :smiley: LOL!! I appliqued the leaves on after I finished the scarf for some extra detail :wink:

I’m a monogamous knitter too at heart - although I’m currently suffering severe anxiety attacks because I currently have TWO projects on the needles :shock:

I like the simplicity of knowing exactly what I’m knitting and find the impatience to get an article finished so I can go onto the next one helps me to stay focused. I worry that I’ll have centuries old UFO if I don’t just keep going and get each one done one at a time.

However, having spent about a week knitting in seed stitch with very slippery cotton (making very slow progress! - and having reached the end of ball number 2!) - the pattern said “the back should measure 30cm”. Unfortunately when I measured mine it was only 27cm :frowning: I think this is because I’m using a different yarn to that recommended by the pattern and although I did do a tension swatch I think I was a little optimistic about it being exactly right because I was so anxious to use the wool I had bought!

So I frogged the lot and have started again on a bigger size of needles - I did another tension swatch and the length was more accurate on the larger needles so I’ve got my fingers crossed that when I get back to the point at which the back should measure 30cm it actually will. I think if it is still off I may just give up completely and find another pattern specifically written for my wool!

:XX: :XX: :XX:

I’m really enjoying my cascading leaves socks. They have been pushed aside temporarily while I work on Lissa’s sweater, but I’m hoping to have the first one done by Mother’s Day.

I’m still shocked that you are considering having two WIPs at once! :shock: :shock: :roflhard: :roflhard:

I used to be before my discovery of this forum.

Now I have

Branching Out (a gift for my aunt probably)

Santa (This one is pretty much on hold, but will get him finished for this year)

A baby blanket, I’m not using a pattern for this. It will be made up of various squares using the scrunchable scarf stich pattern with a couple showing a teddy bear using a chart.

A Shrug, my own pattern, using an argyle style chart.

An arm warmer using Opal Sock Yarn, but I think this is getting frogged. Not so keen on how it was turning out.

Although once these are finished I think I might have to go back to monogomy, or maybe there is no going back!

:smiley: I’m very happy to know that I have other monogamous :XX: buddies :wink: I’m so glad that you discovered the faux pas, Sue, before u had knit more :shock:
I decided to change to a short row heel on these Cascading socks, Nic, otherwise, all is the same, it’s a fun pattern, don’t u think?!
Mishka, I’m gonna have more than 1 wip on the needles soon…then I’m afraid I will go on to several and never get anything completed :roflhard: :rofling:

What I am curious about is if the monogomous knitters are also better housekeepers?

Mama Bear

Becka, how many repeats of the leaves do you do for your socks? I’ve just finished the 5th repeat, and the sock seems a little too short for my liking… I’m going to do a 6th one.

Mamabear, I don’t know about that. I think I am pretty strange to tell you the truth. For example, I like for everything to be “in its place”, but yet I am tolerant of an unmade bed or breakfast dishes left in the sink until I get home from work (Some of you are saying - Ew! hee hee). But piles of clutter and dirty floors drive me insane. Go figure! :wink:

:rofling: :roflhard: Better WHAT?! :roflhard: :rofling: I’d have to say that…NO…I’m not a better housekeeper…I DETEST cleaning, I do it, but I hate it :thumbsup:

Nic, I did 5 repeats on the leg, it’s rather short, but my sister doesn’t like long socks :smiley:

AND, OMGosh, I’ve completely forgotten how to do short row heels…mine look horrible :shock: I’ve lost the ability to knit socks :shock: After frogging the short row heel, I don’t…50 or 60 times, I switched to the wonderful (shoulda done it 1st) Sherman heel; also found here in this wonderful little tutorial :wink:

I’ve decided…I now officially hate short row heels :shock: I may change my mind if I ever get back in the short row heel groove… :rollseyes:

I went ahead and did 6 repeats since I don’t have to worry about not having enough yarn to finish the pair, like I would with some STR. It worked out to being about 5-5½" before starting the heel. I’m doing the heel from one of my other patterns since it’s the one I’m used to… hopefully I’ll be finished turning the heel and picking up the gusset stitches before I go to bed.

:smiley: I must see a photo today, Nic :smiley: please :wink:

:shock: OMGoodness, I can’t remember ever having such socknitting problems :shock: 1st I frogged the 2nd Spearfish sock & now I just can’t seem to get the heel right :shock: Perhaps it’s the yarn :rollseyes: LOL, it is the same kind & color of yarn, so, I’m happy blaming it on the yarn…works for me :thumbsup:

Okay, after many (I mean…many) short row heel attempts (I can no longer short row heels :shock: ) I decided to go with the wonderful Sherman heel (I had to frog it twice, too!! WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME!? :roflhard: :rofling: ) I have finally knit the heel & am traveling along the foot…I wonder what’s gonna happen with the toe, will I actually knit sock #2 or is my sister going to have to settle for another color?! Tune in for the next update :rofling: :roflhard:

:smiley: I finished sock #1 (finally), I used both a sherman heel & toe. This is my 1st short row toe & I really like the fit :smiley: I love both the fit of the heel & toe, actually. Although, when I knit socks for me I will have to alter the toe a bit, play around with some short rowing…this will be FUN!!! I am happy to say that the sock woes seem to be over now…thankfully :wink:

Great sock Becka! I’m jealous at how fast you finished it. I’ve just finished my gusset decreases on mine.