Cascade Yarn to finish sweater

I’m not sure if this is the place for this, but I’m trying to find one skein of yarn that someone can send to me quickly. I will pay for shipping, of course. Anyway, it’s Cascade-Jewel Hand Dyed-100% Peruvian Highland Wool- COLOR 9894 (a variegated dark green). If anyone has a skein of this or can find one in their nearby yarn shop and if you’re willing to ship it to me, please reply. I’m trying to finish my first sweater and my yarn shop will order this but it will take about two weeks to get it in. I’m trying to get it done before Valentine’s Day for my hubby! Thanks.

Looks like you can get it at a few places, but you’d still have to wait although maybe not as long if you pay more for shipping.
[url) Farm [Fiber and Stitches](