Cascade cabled cardigan help

hi, I’m in the process of making this cardigan but I’m confused of how the directions are being set up. Do I need to do the pattern first and then do the instruction given on the next page? Can someone briefly explain how I need to start this cardigan off. Thank you in advance

Here is the link:
It’s the second row middle one called: Alpaca Lana D’Oro Cabled Cardigan

The first page is simply how you complete the stitch pattern within the pattern. You’ll refer to this page when you are working the fronts. It looks like the back is ribbed.

So as I’m looking at the front instruction, it is say to work row 1 of waves and eyelets (22sts total), place marker, work row 1 of diamond, place marker, continue pattern till piece measure desire length. Does that mean I’m only working on just row 1 on both pattern given on first page? Or do I work on the whole pattern set taking turns from waves and diamond?

Other question is the front is says to make 2 reversing sides, does that mean i need to do this pattern twice?

Work row 1 of waves & eyelets, row 1 of diamonds and bobbles, row 1 of waves & eyelets. At the end of the row, turn and work row 2 of each pattern. Continue this way working each successive row in the patterns.
You’ll have to keep track of rows for the 2 patterns because the number of rows differs for a complete pattern (28rows for W&E and 10 rows for D&B).

You will need to make 2 fronts. You can knit them at the same time with two balls of yarn or knit one and then the other.

Ok thank you guys. If I have any more complications of the pattern I’ll be sure to reply here for more help.

As for the armhole for the fronts, it’s says: shaping as for back and at the same time when piece measure 6" above armhole shaping begin neck shaping. What direction do I need for the armhole shaping? I ready all the direction but can’t find any of the armhole shaping.

The armhole shaping is under the directions for the back:
"Bind off 10 sts at the beg of the next two rows. Dec 1 st each side every row 18 times. Dec 1 st each side every 3rd row 13 times."
Of course, you will only be doing the bind off on one side, not two since you’re working a front and not the back itself.

Thank you for the clarification. If I seem to get stuck anywhere I will sure be back on here. I’m glad I found a site that is very useful to me

Hi, so I just started on the bind off for the armhole. It says bind off 10sts beginning of first two rows. Do I continued to do the pattern after the 10sts that are bind off? And then continued decreased after the bind off?