Cary grant playing with pointy sticks

someone here on KH (my over-used brain can’t remember who) has an avatar of cary grant knitting, but they couldn’t remember where they got it. i was just looking at the Classic Flicks group on ravelry and discovered that it’s from Mr. Lucky. apparently his character turns into an obsessive knitter. :happydance:
of course, the movie hasn’t been released on DVD or VHS, but we can always hope. someone posted that TCM shows it from time to time.

Is this it…?

yep. that’s the movie! the avatar was actually a few shots put together real fast so it looked like he was knitting. it was actually an icon in chan58’s sig, not an avatar.

Swoon… I already adore Cary Grant movies… but, a knitting CARY GRANT?? Be still my heart! :woot: Darn it all- I have never seen this and I can’t even order it? So unfair!