Carrying yarn up the sides?

I want to make a 2 color scarf in a pattern that requires changing the colors every few rows. Is there a video clip that shows how to carry/weave the old color up the side of the knitting instead of stopping and starting new colors every time? I don’t want to have to weave all those ends in if I don’t have to!


It’s fairly straight forward…always bring your new color up under the old. The result will be a color ‘twist’ along the edge. Just make sure you leave enough slack when you pick up the new color so you don’t end up with the ‘carry’ side shorter, and tighter, than the other one. When all the color changes are carried on one side it’ll also cause that edge to look different and will probably cause that edge to be somewhat thicker/heavier.


i wonder this can help you or not.

I was able to find a video clip in youtube that helped me! I’m going to be trying it this weekend.

Thanks again!