Carrying Yarn Up the Side

Oh boy. I am making this really simple stockinette stitch shirt for my (perfect, intelligent, and handsome, of course) grandson. So, what’s the problem? It has eight colors of repeating stripes that create horizontal bands, each one of which is one to four rows. Instead of cutting the yarn each time and weaving in all those nasty ends, I thought I would try carrying the yarn up the side and catching it with each edge stitch. This is really cumbersome, with 8 skeins bobbing and twisting around, as well as creating a bit of bulk in the seam allowance.
What is the best way to deal with lots of horizontal bands close together???

Hope you get a good response, Deb. I’m posting so I’ll know when you get it, this has been a mystery for me as well.

I’m not sure I have a definate answer, but with you doing this on something that will be seamed at least it won’t show if you carry along the edge. Yes, it will make the seam a little thick. But what if you wanted to do that on a scarf?

You can cut the ends at each change and knit the ends in as you go. Or do some of them carried and cut some off and knit over the ends. But if this was a scarf knitting over the ends doesn’t look 100% perfect in my book, but acceptable most of the time I suppose.

Do you know how to knit over the ends as you work? I used to see my guru do this and it was a mystery to me. Even now I’m not sure if what she did is what I have finally learned to do. She showed me but it never took (I ought to ask her sometime). LOL

The way I do it is to hold the tail of the yarn I want to work over up next to the LH needle and as you knit (I’ve never tried to do this on a purl row) run the RH needle alternately above or under the tail without catching it in or anything. This works best with yarns that are not real high contrast, because the other color shows through a bit sometimes.)

So if you had been knitting with gold and you want to change to brown, cut the gold and hold a nice long tail of it along your LH needle. Now knit the first brown stitch and go over the tail of gold. The going over is super easy. Then knit the next stitch of brown and just let the RH needle go under the gold tail. Keep going back and forth with overs and unders. Work over it for several inches and when you are all done pull on the tail of the gold to adjust its tension.

I just thought of another idea. This only works with circular needles, but you can work any flat piece with circulars if you want. I learned this from my friend and knitting guru too. :slight_smile: If you want to do a stripe in an uneven number of rows (or maybe there is another time it would apply) in one color and then go back to it later, it will be at the wrong end. No problem. With stockinette it doesn’t really matter if you knit or purl a row. If you make a one (or other number) row stripe with a color and then want it again but it is at the wrong end for you to knit with, just move the stitches to the end where the color you want is and purl the row instead of knitting it. It will look just the same. This will work any time you need a color that is at the wrong end and you can prevent some ends with this trick.

With that trick you can put some of the changes at one side and some at the other too I’ll bet. Knitting is magic to me. I can do it, but I don’t understand everything I know about it. :slight_smile: If I could remember everything I have ever learned I would know quite a lot. LOL

Wow! I love your help! Thankyou so much for your assistance. I’m going to take my daughter and grandson to the airport now :frowning: and when I get back I’m going to get in my jammies and fat slippers and try your suggestions. So way cool!