Carrying yarn over

Hey every and anyone that can help!!!

I want to start an illusion knitting project (never done before) I am not sure how to carry yarn over. I have read a few things but still not following. If anyone could help I’d appreciate it, i dont want to have to cut and weave in all those ends but i will if i have to! :wall:

Which project is it? Is it fair isle?

. . . . or are you carrying different colors up the side?

the project is a dishcloth with the pink awareness ribbon
with just the pink and white colors, not really sure what fair isle is (still a newbie) from what I gather I would be carrying up on the right side of the project at all times every 2nd and 4th row. Should i just drop and pull up when ready for the 2nd color?
thanks in advance for any help! :doh:

Yes, just bring it up the side. Since it’s only 2 rows of each, you shouldn’t have to do anything special.

BTW, Fair Isle is when you carry colors across the back for the entire row.

:happydance: Ok I’ve done that and have been working diligently on this project. Should I be concerned that I’m not seeing the illusion? :notworthy: :shrug:

At our Knitting Guild meeting last week, a woman did a presentation on illusion knitting. She said that to get the design to show up, you need to knit to a fairly tight gauge (use smallish needles for your yarn). Could that be the issue?

Oh, this is a perfect item for me to make for several of my friends (we have had two friends die from breast cancer and two more from other types and another in the battle)…

I think they make fun of me for my knew obsession w/knitting behind my back. So I would love to make them something meaningful w/my hobby.

What type of yarn should I use? Needles? I went to the link for the pattern, but may have missed the yarn/needle specs?


OMG – was that an inappropriate, depressing post? I apologize. Just trying to express how much it would mean to my group of friends.

Sorry if I offended anyone.



Don’t be upset! :hug: I think it’s great you want to support your friends at a critical time in their lives.

As far as yarn: for a dishcloth I’d suggest cotton, either Sugar 'N Cream or Lion Kitchen Cotton, whatever is easiest or cheapest to find in your area. I’ve also heard people having good dishcloth experiences with Lion Microspun, but I think you need to hold it doubled to get a good weight.

For needle size I’d probably start with US size 6 or 7. With Sugar 'N Cream I usually use US 8s, but in Illusion Knitting it is usually better to size down a needle size or two for a better finished effect.

And you didn’t miss the yarn and needle info in the pattern - it isn’t there. :shrug:

Good luck on your projects and let’s see a picture when they’re done!

Happy Knitting :happydance:


Thanks so much! for the info and the support!

I have seen the Sugar n Cream at my HL. But will look for the Lion kitchen, as their website is a large part of how I got interested in knitting, But THIS site is how I have been able to do it without losing my mind!

Gonna start ASAP… at least I know I already have a spot w/ resource if I have questions. I have never done a dishcloth, or used two colors together.

Pictures, yes, will post… that will be another learning experience!

Thanks again! :muah: