Carrying yarn and circular knitting

Hey y’all. Haven’t been on for months… we moved recently and I’m finally able to pick up my knitting. Just in time for Christmas, lucky me. Anyhow, I’ve been knitting winter caps on circular needles and now want to add some stripes. They’re going to be narrow, so I just want to carry my other color yarn up to avoid all the loose ends (call me lazy). I know how to cross over the “old yarn” a la intarsia. That works fine as you’re going along horizontally. However, I’m going up from row to row and it seems that no matter how I twist the yarn, it shows through… a single, skinny, kinda hidden vertical stripe the height of the row. Does anyone know if there’s a way to avoid this?
Thanks, and Merry Christmas!!!

When you knit stripes in the round, you get a jog. Try this.

Welcome back!