Carrying wool up a blanket

I am trying to knit a blanket that has 4 colours in it. I did see a completed one and it was very neat on the back and wool wasn’t carried over but I’m unsure how to do this without getting in a complete tangle. I don’t know if i have bitten off more than I can chew. Any help on how to organise myself would be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance

What is the name of your pattern?
You may be able to carry the unused yarn up along an edge or between colors depending on how the colors are organized (stripes, blocks). If it seems too messy to carry up a strand of yarn, cutting and weaving in ends may be the way to go.
For me, carrying up more than one strand of yarn is just too much bulk. I’m forced to cut and weave in ends in that case.
Here’s a video for carrying up yarn just in case.

Thanks for that, I think it would be to bulky to carry it up. It’s a West Yorkshire spinners pattern, the duke blanket.

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Gorgeous blanket. If I can see the direction of knitting, you’ll need to have separate balls of yarn for each color along the row. But it looks like you can also use the same yarn for the next diamond in the second tier.

That’s what I thought. I just wanted someone to tell me they would do it the same way. It’s a lot of balls of wool to have hanging from your work!

Good luck with it. It’s going to be worth the effort, for sure.

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I only tend to carry one other colour. It can make the finished item look a bit untidy though. Sometimes I’ll add an applied i-cord at the end, it covers all the ‘mess’. On a blanket it would add quite a nice edge, so it might be something to consider. The video that explains it quite well is this

I was looking for a great video I saw a long time back where multiple yarn balls are hanging and need not be moved at all during a knit like this. I know the general idea was to ensure you turn your work mindfully at the end of each row. Knitters often turn in the same direction every time, but if you turn in opposite directions on alternate rows your yarn balls, which look tangled, become untangled during the turn. It’s like magic. Unfortunately I haven’t found the video. I’ll have another look for it.

However, whilst looking I came across this which you may find useful, the diamond pattern is similar in this tutorial and she explains how to trap a float when carrying up to the next section, different yarn balls for each colour section but neat floats in the intarsia.

Maybe it helps.

This is also not the video I was looking for but this written tutorial it does explain the turning of work and many other tips which you may find helpful.