Carrying multiple yarns up side?

I am knitting a gorgeous Sublime baby blanket pattern for a friend having twins. After knitting up one and being unsatisfied with the size (my daughter just got a delicious new dolly blankey :doh:) - for this one I rejoined each of the four colours each time I got to a row. Joining in the ends was a NIGHTMARE with 13 X 4 colours :zombie:
For my re-knit I want to carry the unused yarns up the outside, but for the life of me can not work out how to do that without ending up in a huge mess - this blanket has a band knitted off the edges, so the carry can’t be too bulky. Any suggestions for what I can do will be soooo gratefully accepted! :help:

I am interested in the answer to this question as well. I can never get the hang of carrying the colors up the side. It always ends up looking like poo. So I’m watching this thread too, mumtrader!

I’ve done this. I wrap the working yarn behind the others and leave just enough slack so as not too loose/tight. This forms a flat ‘chain’ along the edge. (Some suggest working the unused yarns in the first st of each row if carried over several but haven’t tried that. The most colors I’ve worked with, successfully with the wrap method was four.) In my case, I crocheted along the edge so the yarns were then encased and didn’t show.


is there a visual aid for this anywhere? i just looked on KH and didn’t see one.

Hhmmm thanks Cam - that was the theory I had been working on, but you’ve given me an idea for tidy up after I pick-up and knit the band off that edge - encase it in crochet. . .

Can’t think for the life of me how you’d incorporate ALL four yarns into the the first stitch of each row! All I can see is a huge hotch-potch. . .

I’ll off to the local knittery this arvo & see what they suggest. . .will post the answer if I get anything good!

Thanks chickadees :wink: