Carrying colors up in the round

I am working with hand dyed yarn and want to change colors every few rounds or so. But when I drop one strand of yarn and pick up another, that connecting point is always loose and it looks sloppy. What can I do to make this look neater? Thanks.

Have you tried twisting them the way you do for intarsia?

I have, but I’ve only done intarsia once and so not sure if I’m doing it right, though I did it as best as I could understand from my instructional book. When I do this it’s not as loose, but somehow still looks sloopy and . . . bumpy. I guess that’s the only way, though, right? Maybe as I do it more it’ll look smoother.

It could be the combination of changing the colors and switching to the next round. There’s always a bit of a ‘seam’ when you start the next round. Maybe you could switch the colors a couple of stitches over?

Hmm, that’s an idea. I’ll give that a shot. Thanks.