Carrying Colors Through Argyle

I am working on an argyle sweater for my nephew and have definately bitten off more than I can chew (for my first venture beyond scarves). I started by adding in the colors necessary and then just picking them up on the next row. Apparently, this creates a bunch of holes in the work between the color sections. I tore it out and started again, twisting the main color in the back to weave it through the different-colored diamond sections. This helped connect everything, but the diamond sections are very thick and not at all stretchy like the rest of the sweater.

Has anyone had the same result? How is this supposed to be done?

Thanks in advance!!!

You need to do an intarsia technique for argyle. You don’t carry the yarn across the back but start multiple balls of yarn. It won’t leave holes between the color sections if you pick up the new color from where it was hanging from underneath the one you are dropping.

I believe there is a video on this site about intarsia, it is probably under the “advanced techniques” tab. You could Google and problably find a lot of information or do a search on this site.

intarsia technique
I made a scarf this way. I tried the way you are doing it first and it came out messy on the back and the diamonds were stiff. I frogged it and did it as the video shows how to do Instarsia on this helpful helpful website and caused no gaps

Thanks! I didn’t know the term for what I needed to do. The videos on this site are so helpful, and now I know where to go!