Carry yarn up the side?

OK, so I told a friend I would knit this scarf for her, never thinking she would actually order the yarn. Big mistake. It’s an actual fur scarf, the yarn for this scarf probably cost more than a week’s worth of groceries. I’m a pretty good knitter but this is more than I bargained for. I will probably have many questions but the first is this:

This scarf is knit on circular needles and is knit from both sides using both cotton yarn and a yarn made of actual beaver fur (with a slim leather/cotton core) It says I need to carry the extra yarn up the sides while I’m knitting. How do I do this?

I think I’m going to go get some fun fur yarn and some cotton yarn and knit a dummy scarf first until I get the hang of this.

Thanks for any help…

I think a practice scarf is a great idea. Is it knit flat or in the round? You must change out yarns if you’re supposed to carry the extra one up the sides.

Thanks. It’s knit flat on circular needles because they want you to be able to pick up knitting from either side at different times.

How do I carry the strand I’m not knitting with up the side of the work though. Like if I was working with two colors, doing a striped scarf because that’s what this is like. I do a block with the cotton, then a “pearl bed” of the fur. (what the heck is a “pearl bed” anyway?) I may have to take this to the LYS and beg for help. My friend is totally buying me a pair of addi’s for this project…

I should say they want me to be able to knit from either END at different times, does that make sense??

Yes, it would be like when you’re working with two colors. Though if you change yarns at both ends of the row… maybe you slide the sts back and forth across the circ, that could be how you do it. Just follow the pattern, and ‘pearl bed’ is probably explained in there as you do it.

Oh, I’m so sorry, I need to know HOW I carry the yarn up the side, I’m so sorry!

Yes, you slide the sts across the circ to work both ends…

Since you talked about carrying yarn when you change colors, I thought you knew. Drop the one yarn, pick up the other but twist them loosely together.

What if I need to carry it up more than one row? I’m so sorry! In theory, I can knit lots of stuff. In practice, not so much.

You can carry yarn for up to 4 rows; any more than that would be too messy on the side and you’d have to cut the yarn.

There could be other companies that make fur yarn, but this one came to mind when I read your post.

I would go to this website and see what suggestions they have for working with their yarn.

I’d also check out ravelry - I expect there’ll be at least one forum dedicated to fur yarns. You can probably get some tips there, too.

This yarn is from Paula Lipman. It’s beaver and it’s really soft. There is actually someone on Ravelry who used to be a designer for Lipman so I may contact her. I think it’s not a terribly hard pattern, just intimidating. I need to go get practice yarn this weekend.

Thanks for the help!!