Carry the yarns up the side of scarf between pairs of rows?

I am thinking about knitting the Fizz Eyelash & Cotton Chenille Scarf. I am a little confused about the pattern. I think i start with one yarn and do two rows in garter stitch and then switch to the other yarn and do another two rows in garter stitch. what i don’t understand is the “carry the yarn up the sides of scarf tween pairs of rows”. what does that mean? how do i “carry” up the sides? please help.

You just stop knitting with one color, and work with the other color. When you’ve done those two rows, there’s the other color waiting for you, and you just start knitting with it. By doing so, the yarn is “carried” (just brought from one place to the next, without being knitted).


Amy - That is not the same thing as cutting the yarn and then rejoining it? I also can’t picture this concept of “carrying the yarn.” If you just started using the other color 2 rows later, wouldn’t you have a big loop of yarn that had to span the two rows before you used it again?


Holly, yes, you’ll have a loop of yarn there, but not a big one. Two rows isn’t a big distance to carry the yarn, and with it being regular and along the side edge, it looks neat.

If it were in a garment like a sweater, where you carry the yarn along the inside, where it’s not seen, the rule of thumb is that you can carry the yarn for a distance of 5 stitches wide (which I’d say is 7 rows high) before it becomes unruly.