Carry Me Away Market Bag

Just finished this, SUCH a fun and unique pattern. Love it!!! It was well-written and never boring, fun to see it work up. I made the larger version. I also loved the unique construction of the handles. All in all a wonderful bag!

My project on Ravelry for more photos.

Pattern is Carry Me Away by Yasmin Gamal. Blog or Ravelry pattern page.

The yarn is Sugar 'n Creme in Tangerine colorway.

Nice!! Love the bright color! :thumbsup:

That’s beautiful! Gorgeous color!

Thanks. I’ll be making another really soon for myself. This is for a gift.

Turned out great! I’m sure the lucky receipient will love it! :woot:

Ooooo, this is my fav! Nice work! :thumbsup:

Hey…no fair teasing us poor one-trick ponies:pout: … it’s a Crochet pattern, durnit.:whoosh:

I like the look of those handles too. Good thing there are so many knit patterns, too. I’ve been lurking on the Market Bag Ravelry thread and have done a few but haven’t posted pictures.

That was a tease … I kept thinking, that really looks like crochet … and it is! SO Pretty, the best market bag I have seen, maybe I will have to learn to crochet!

I thought it looked like crochet! Now that I know it is, I may have to try the pattern. Very nice and bright!:heart:

Beautiful!! Love the color too!

I’ve always been an AVID knitter, but bags are totally sucking me into crochet. I LOOOOOVE the strength of crocheted bags. We’re trying to help new crocheters on the Ravelry Market Bag group, so don’t NOT try it, crochet is easy!

I created the group. We’re getting ready for a secret pal swap, who knows, YOU might get one. You can choose to make and receive either/or knit/crochet, so you might get one for yourself!

Oh, so sorry, didn’t mean to mislead, but there’s no “Whatcha Crocheting” forum here. :wink:

I’m loving this bag! The color is great!!

Thanks. Yeah, I saw that “Tangerine” colorway at Michael’s and bought 9! They were 4 for $5 sale.