Carpal Tunnel Whine

I have the need to whine. Since doing a bunch of gardening this spring my CTs has been acting up and my hands have been numb almost all day. and i can’t knit.

My wrist splints didn’t help not did taking Ibeproen. Finally I went to the DR. Having a new DR since moving to this area, she didn’t believe me that it was CTS, but she sent me for a nerve conduction test. I bet she will believe the tests. I have both sensory & motor problems in one hand and just sensory in the other. I am now waiting for the DR recommendation.

Having done so many changes to my life style, split keyboard, mouse, etc, year ago with this all started . . . my fear is the recommendation will be surgery. Have any of you ever had the surgery? They say you back to normal within weeks. That would be good, cuz I have an baby gift to know and a new sweater for the daughter ready to cast on. Plue the LYS is having a sale.


Oh, Christine!!! I feel awful for you. I have only had slight (knock on wood) experience w/CT, but I can only imagine how hard it must be for you not to knit! I had shoulder surgery 5 wks ago, and it has definitely interrupted my knitting somewhat. You know, good days/bad days.

Anyway, I feel :heart: for you! I hope you can find some relief soon!

ohhh, I forgot to ask, have you ever tried speech recognition software? It has gotten a lot better/cheaper over the years and can add some relief if you do a lot of typing. Not sure what you can do about the gardening, except maybe get a yard boy you can order around :slight_smile: Maybe you can borrow the one from Desperate Housewives :inlove:

Sorry to hear about your CT :frowning:

I hope I’m not developing it. I have always had jobs that use my hands…but my new job is a checker at a grocery store. I’m on my 3rd or 4th week there now and my right wrist and arm is hurting pretty bad. I hope it’s just a matter of getting the hand/arm used to it…and not CT starting. It doesn’t bother me too much when I’m actually working, but I notice it alot and night and when I’m on the puter.

A woman I work with had CT surgery and feels great now. Hope you feel better soon.

[color=blue] :crying: CT is very frustrating. I had surgery about 15 years ago now… after dropping many dishes and spending long nights cradling my hand on a pillow. The plastic surgeon that did the surgery said that there was a chance of it returning. I am not sure if it has or it may be athritis. I have noticed that it aches when we have rain/snow. Recovery (if you do the hand excercises) :lol: was about 4 weeks for me. Good luck hon! anne :sunny: [/color]

I had surgery on both hands just less than three years ago. I’d reached the point of it being a necessity. I also dropped things and spent nights with my hands propped on soft pillows. You’d think something as numb as what my hands were, wouldn’t hurt, but they sure did. The surgery was definitely worth it!

I had one hand done, then six weeks later, I had the other one done. I hated that time period of a few weeks following surgery, where I had to do everything with one hand. Showering was a real pain, too. It was still worth it!

I’ve heard of people that have had surgery done as many as three different times over a period of years. That’s scarey. :help: It’s hard to remember exactly, but I think that within a couple of weeks, my hands were feeling good, and by the 6 week recuperation period, I was doing everything I’d done before I developed CPS.

There were side-effects to the surgery, for me, at least. I don’t have as good of fine motor skills as what I did before surgery. On my right hand, especially, I can barely bring my thumb to meet my fingertips, and it’s nearly impossible to make it reach the fingertip of my pinkie. :shock: I have the same problem with my left hand, though it’s not as bad as with my right. It makes picking up pills really difficult.

I worry that the CPS will return, and since I no longer have insurance, I’d have to live with it. :expressionless: I try and be more aware now of ways to prevent it happening. When I’m doing anything using my hands (including knitting and typing), I make a point of stopping frequently to stretch my fingers and flex the muscles in my hands and arms, to keep the blood flowing freely. I make sure my keyboard is at a proper level at my computer, too. I made do with an old desk for years that was at an uncomfortable height, and spent hours each day, typing with it like that. Who knows? It may have contributed to my CPS.