Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Knitters

I wanted to know if there is a way to help cope with the pain of Carpal Tunnel while I knit. I have to wear a wrist splint on each wrist and it tends to get in the way. I also wanted to know how to hold the yarn with my wrist braces. PS: I’m not going to put my age on the internet but I’m any where in between 12 to 16. Thanks!

First, listen to your doctor about how much to do while you have the braces on, because you’re awfully young to have carpal tunnel problems already. Resting your wrists properly now is an investment in your future. Have you seen a physical therapist? They can help a lot when it comes to adjusting how you work so you don’t do more damage. So can occupational therapists.

Second, the way you knit might be making it worse. There are a whole lot of different ways to knit, and yes, to hold the yarn, and one of them may be more comfortable than others. There are even ways to knit with one hand, though that won’t help with both wrists affected.

Third, if you’re knitting very tightly or with very small yarn, you may need to work on medium-weight yarn; really big chunky yarn also bothers some people. If you get the all clear to knit from your doctor, try sport or worsted yarn for a while.

THANKS!! I got it so young because I do soccer,swimming, knitting, and clench my wrists at night. Mayby I will start a number 4 yarn shawl of some mittens.