Carpal Tunnel -help

Ok I think I have carpal tunnel - not sure yet until I get to see a doctor on Monday but my question is should I be knitting. Not sure this pain I’m getting in my hands is from knitting as I’ve not done any in the last week - hence the question.

I had to have CTS surgery at 22, which was many moons ago. My Dr had me resting mine and using cold packs to reduce the swelling. That was 31 years ago and I’m sure opinions have changed.

Mine came back big time. I can only crochet a very little now as that is what aggravates it the most. For me it was the combo off crochet, sewing, embroidery, masonry and carpentry hobbies that got me. Because I’m a fiber junkie I learned to tat, then loom knit on cheap looms then to expensive ones and on to needle knitting. I’m telling you this because even if the Dr says you have to rest from certain activities not to get discouraged you will find a way to express your love of fibers.

Good luck at the Dr.