Caron Super Soft Shadows

I managed to make a run to Hobby Lobby late this afternoon. I’ve been doing the Irish Hiking Scarf in a cheapo practice yarn and I like the look of it so much I wanted to buy some nicer yarn to make one as a keeper.

After looking at and fondling what they had, which wasn’t much as the last sale had cleaned them out of a lot of stuff, I settled on the Caron Simply Soft Shadows in a nice green color.

I’ve already started a new scarf with it and so far I really like this yarn. It feels really good and is easy to work with. I also think it’s going to look really good.

Awesome! I love that pattern and I’m sure it will look great!

I really like Caron Simply Soft. I’ve made two Irish Hiking Scarfs, one with black, and the other tan (one for my husband, and the other for my dad), both with the Simply Soft yarn. They turned out really nice. :thumbsup:

I’ve not tried the Shadows, but I love their regular Simply Soft. I’ve made several projects from it, and they’ve all turned out well & been greatly appreciated.

Let us know how it works out, Mason. I was going to use SS to make a few for Christmas presents.

Shadows is a little thicker than the regular SS, but very nice to work with and the colors are great too.


I like the shadows, the colors are so nice!

I can’t wait to see a photo of this one, when you are done!
That yarn is pretty intriguing to me, I may attempt this one myself. I’ve been admiring that pattern for awhile now…

Also, why don’t more men knit? :notworthy:

Caron SS is a good choice for the scarf.

The Irish Hiking Scarf was my first cabling experience. It was done with CSS in Autumn Red.

I’ve got the Caron SS Shadows in green, too. :teehee: Still don’t know what I’m going to make with it. And it’s in a box back in Jersey, so it’s a bit of a moo point for now. (“It’s like a cow’s opinion. It doesn’t matter. It’s moo.”)

Yes, why?

Anyway, I like the colors in SS Shadows, too, and I hear it’s great to knit with. Can’t wait to see a picture of it. :thumbsup:

I’m a few rows into it now, about 3 cables, and it’s looking quite good. I really do like this yarn.

As for why more men don’t knit, that’s a good question but I suspect that it’s because knitting has become thought of as a “woman’s thing” and a lot of men are simply too insecure to do it out of fear of what someone else might think.

exactly. :shifty: i keep trying to convince my dh to start knitting. at least socks! i mean, he drives his 53’ truck back and forth from the airport to various customers, and his down time while they unload/load is perfect to knit! he could probably get a pair a week! :teehee: he just keeps telling me no. i even told him about you, and he is convinced your just strange. :rofl: (personaly i agree with you, it’s just insecurities)

IMO, if a man should not hold needles, then ladies must let go of their hammers and wrenches…let us all evolve already. Do what feels right and enjoy!