Carolyn border ribbing question

I am knitting Carolyn from Knitty Spring. It’s my first cardigan and has been a long, slow process, but I’m getting there! It’s far from perfect, but I’ve decided to persevere and at least finish it.

I have picked up the stitches to make the ribbing border. The first row is 2x2 rib, knit on the WS with a M1 stitch at each end of the neck. My first question is, when I start the 2x2 ribbing on a WS, do I start with purl or knit, or doesn’t it matter? Then, when I do the M1 stitches, are they the normal M1 (knit into the back of the yarn between stitches), or is it different because I’m starting on the WS? It’s confusing because I’ve only ever started ribbing on the RS before. Also, I can’t see how the M1 stitches work when I do the next row of ribbing. Won’t it just mess up the ribbing pattern? I’m nervous about making a mistake as that’s a lot of stitches now to unpick! Please can someone help me with this?

It doesn’t matter how you start the ribbing, just do k2, p2. As for the inc sts, it looks like on the next row you’ll be adding even more stitches at the same place, so the ribbing gets sorted out by the 3rd row, as it states. Follow the pattern and it should work out alright.

Thanks, Sue. I’ll give it a go!