Carmen Banana

I saw the kit for this sock monkey on sale at Knit Picks, and I just had to order it. I don’t really have a need for a sock monkey, but it’s just so cute! LOL I still need to finish embroidering the facial features, but other than that, she’s finished.

Oh that is too cute!

Now that is just too darn cute!

Ah she is too dern cute! Tell her hello from the Artlady! :hug:

Adorable gal. Well done!

LOVE HER!!! I have been wanting to make her and Mr. Foster since he first came out. I have the kits but haven’t gotten to those projects yet. I did TRY to start Mr. Foster several times tho, and had issues with the instructions on starting the arms. I just couldn’t get that cast on to look even remotely ok. However, I’m working on a little iPod sock right now and I did “Judy’s Magic Cast On” for it and love it! So now I’m stoked about starting the monkeys again! :slight_smile:

Very cute!! You don’t have to have a “need” for something that adorable :slight_smile:

I had a heck of a time starting the legs using the instructions in the pattern, too. After several attempts, I decided to use Emily Ocker’s cast on. That seemed to work fine. I noticed that some on Ravelry used Judy’s Magic cast on, too, but I don’t know how to do that one.