Care of knitted article.

I gifted a throw I did to my brothers family. One of the first questions my brother asked was “how to care for it”. I was duly impressed that he thought that far ahead. But it got me to thinking that I need to include care instructions for future gifted items. I would like to find something I can maybe attach to the items or just include with. My SIL is into “cards”. I might ask her to make something cute to include with the gift. Otherwise I can’t think of any other way to do it. Any thoughts?

There are fabric name labels which can be ordered online and personalised. If you were going to be able to use enough to make it worth while you could have some made with care guides on “wash on delicate, dry flat, do not tumble dry” or “hand wash only” or “it’s acrylic wash and dry as you like” kind of thing. The fabric labels can be sewn on the piece with regular sewing thread.

This is just one example of many online shops which do fabric labels

Otherwise, a quicker and simpler way would be to include a little gift card and just cut the care instructions from a yarn band and stick it in the card. It is up to the recipient to remember the instructions or keep the card.

Hand made cards would be truly lovely to add to a knitted gift.

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