Care for Angora?

I knit up a big, loopy angora scarf about a month ago (on 15’s and per the spinners own pattern) and I love it! Maybe to death :S
It is getting [B][I]very [/I][/B]fuzzy and sheds now. I have never worn angora before, so I’m a bit concerned that it is being damaged, although I am careful when I wear it.

Does anyone know how angora ages as you wear it? Is this normal or am I going to have to make it a “special use only” item?

I can also post pix if that would help …:mrgreen:

I don’t know how it ages, but angora does like to shed.

I’d shave off the pills and see how it looks. You could give it a gentle wash, too. That may get rid of some of the loose hairs.

If you love it so much, then wear it as much as you like. You can make another if need be. :x:

Yeah, angora sheds like well… an angora cat. Pretty much constantly. I agree with gently shaving it and see how it looks.

Great - I will give it a go! Thanks!