Care after blocking a sweater

So here is the big question that no one has really answered…Now that my sweater is blocked, pieced together and now worn for a week straight :wink: LOL :teehee:(hey you know everyone does this) Anyway I have to hand wash it but I don’t know if I have to block it again?!? I am really confused about this and don’t want to ruin my finished garment. My sweater is made out of [I]Terra[/I] yarn which is 60% merino 20% baby alpaca and 20% silk. Any suggestions on how to care for this sweater would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! :muah:

Just lay it out flat and in the shape you want it dried after each washing. So yes, block it again.
Here’s my general washing routine for knitwear.

I wash all my knitwear in a Euculan. There’s other wool washes/delicates/knitwear friendly soap.

Use only cool water.

Don’t rub stains out. Dab or pat with a bit of the soap onto the stain until it starts to dissolve. Have another cloth under the stain to absorb it.

Don’t wring out the water. Either squeeze it out by hand or throw it into your washing machine’s spin cycle.

I usually lay it out flat on a large bath towel, roll it up like a sushi roll and give it one last final squeeze to get all the excess water out.

Then I lay it out on a flat surface on top of dry bath towel and let it air dry. I lay it out in the shape that I want it to dry in. If needed, I will pin down the corners if needed.

For pilling I use a sweater stone.

I hope that helps!:slight_smile:

Thanks so much for the information! It was really helpful!