Cards from wool

Hi, I am new here. I love knitting. Now the thing is, I have quite a lot of leftover wools that cannot be used anywhere. So, I was thinking if I could use them to make some greetings cards for this Christmas. Any better suggestions?

Why can’t they be used for anything? I’ve not heard of making cards and I suppose if you could fit them into envelopes they would work though.

There is always odd ball yarn you can make with the extra. Just tie them end to end and then knit something. Make sure the yarns you use have the same washing instructions. This is ideal yarn for baby blankets, afghans, dishcloths (if cotton yarn), etc. Anything, really. I don’t even think it needs to be the same size, well, maybe similar (fingering, worsted, bulky, etc). You don’t even need to weave in all the ends - just cut the ends at the knots to 1 inch and leave them hang out.

Just how do you plan to use the yarn for cards?

for cards… Well, you could do holes in cardboard and do stitching or weaving with the yarn.
You can also coat cardboard with glue or double stick tape and lay the yarn (in long strands or short pieces, maybe even fuzz) onto that surface to create pictures.
I am thinking of rolled up “snakes” for a snowmen and the surrounding space being filled with a background of mulit-color pieces…

I made both styles of decoration as a kid but haven’t done anything like it since.

I would knit little charity dolls for gifts, little “Anything dolls” (ravelry) or such. Knit little x-mas ornaments, key chain hangers and so on. But if you do not want that: those 2 ways for cards I can think of.