Carding Issue?


White Babydoll, I don’t know if it is from a ram I sold or one of the ewes, didn’t mark the fleeces as they were shorn…Ugh.
First thought was “cotton”, very soft, better than most. Lol.
Have about half of the flock coated this year.



1.30 pounds of Cheviot. I believe from the bought fleece. Will two ply it. No idea on current length, lol.


1,256 yards or so, single ply. Will two ply.


That looks marvelous. Do you have a project in mind for this yarn?


I think I’ll attempt to make this from the Cheviot yarn. =)


Very nice! That would looks lovely in the yarn you’ve spun.


Used a drill to speed up the process of winding the two halves onto pipe. Took an hour instead of days. Now to manually ply them together!


Yay, done!


Selling my dodec wheel, hate it.
Got a Merlin tree hitchhiker double treadle wheel, already love it.


732 feet two ply Babydoll Southdown yarn off the new wheel. Thousands of feet left to do…lol.