Carding Issue?


Longer stapled fiber is easier to spin than the shorter stapled length, just as medium is easier to spin than the fine fiber … Good thing there are sooo many types of fiber that it is practically impossible to experience them all!

Try pre-drafting your fiber so you don’t have to think about drafting while you spin. The white yarn looks cushy soft & wonderfully spun! … what type is it??


No idea what I’ll make with it. All I can make is sheep and scarves…


I do predraft the Babydoll, but apparently not very well, lol.

It’s Corriedale.
Bought 8oz more when I finished the first third that Karyn sent me, knew I’d want more, lol. Finished the other 2 sections last night & this morning.

2/3 on spindle last night.

Moved to plastic tube so I have space on spindle.

Last third in bag.

Last third on spindle. Newly ordered bag of 8oz waiting.


I actually started at looking into the breed, but it looks like few are the short, stout Corriedale of the past. Like with most sheep that come to the US, they quickly grow stilt legs, giraffe necks and just get weird. I’d want a good ewe that tends to grow long wool and to cross for lamb.


Corriedale is what I started spinning with and it still remains my favorite wool to spin. The crimp in some of their wool is unbelievable. I find the yarn is well suited for everything from next to the skin to outerwear and as you found out, is a dream to spin!

You can spin it worsted spider thin to woolen extra bulky and everything in between.

Your yarn is looking so scrumptious!!!


Started on the new batch. It’s shorter staple & slightly less as soft as the last batch. Also doesn’t want to split nicely into two or 3 sections.


12oz done, 4 left! =D


Doing the last 4oz thin, turns out it is easier to keep consistent.


All looks so beautiful!


I’m just knitting mohair, it’s been pulled back and reknitted twice so this is the third time. I was trying to work it out how old the wool is and I reckon its at least 40 years old. I’ve been knitting my daughter a couple of sweaters so thought it about time I knit for no.1. A not short of wool maybe so done the sleeves first. I’ve designed dogs round the bottom. I will try and remember to photograph it when finished but there are bits where thecwool is v thin. It is pure mohair.


Thicker Corriedale 12oz, done two ply, 170 yards. Then 4oz, thin single ply of Corriedale, 166 yards.

Made a holder for the spindle out of a box so I could wind it easier.


Really lovely looking yarn and an inventive holder. What are you going to knit?


Look at you go, @Secuono!!!

Sooooo, have you added Corriedale to your flock yet??? lol


Don’t think it is enough to knit anything.

I’ve looked into getting one. But it seems like I’ll have to be satisfied with my BFL/NCCheviot ewe for now.


And I just spent all my money on 2 new Babydoll rams and 1 ewe lambs plus their expensive shipping.


But…if anyone has a ton of corriedale ready to spin that you just want outta your house…lol.


Looks to be plenty there for a pair of mittens or at least half-mitts.

Oh, I have plenty of Corrie … some ready to spin, some washed that needs carding … none that I want out of the house :wink:


So I tossed all the wool I had washed before, not Lolla’s wool, but the rest. Hate it, feels terrible and its too dirty still.
Now working with two new fleeces, sheep are nakie & Billy’s & Tatiana’s fleeces are the longest.
All the black fleeces I’m taking to a mill to see if I like it or not. White fleeces I’ll take to a different mill. Takes 6-8mo…!.. Kept some small sections of both piles to mess with. 17 fleeces out of the house will be nice. Removed all the sections that are less than an inch, too.
Shearer sucked this year, tons of second cuts, pissed, some 3in is now much shorter…ugh. Will be looking for a new shearer next year.
Have decided that making, what I call, tuffs is the best step before carding into rolags. Make a bunch of tuffs, then a quick session of turning them into rolag, its great, plus cleaner.
Getting the lanolin & stains out is still beating me, lol, but oh well…


Excess wool was picked up.

Dropped off some wool at the mill & now waiting for it to be ready for pickup in the fall.

Billy’s neck wool is real long!

Somehow ended up making it super thin, lol.