Carding Issue?

Forgot to update yesterday.
Practiced more yarn while waiting for my felting needles yesterday. Then when the needles showed up, I made a sheep. Looks like a dog though…since my sheep don’t have horns. =/
Today, I’m waiting on my drop spindle to show, so I’ve been using my 2nd prototype spindle to make more yarn. On my 4th rolag into yarn. No pics of that though.

Drop spindle came in! Cat was annoyed with the flash,lol.
Then other pic is the second diy I was using, kinda really liked it, since the clip holds yarn in place and holds a loose end if need be. Will have to get a clamp for the real spindle.
And last pic is of the yarn on a tube made from that diy spindle. I had a weird moment where it turned into string by accident, lol!
Only have a few rolags left, will go back to felting something after I run out of rolag.

Love the little sheep! You are really making progress and it all looks very nice to this inexpert eye.

Started on a horse, then remembered I had to go grocery shopping.
Looks creepy…lol

Less creepy, lol

I think it looks more like a sheep than a dog! We are our own worse critics …

I’ve never seen anyone wrap yarn on a spindle like that. Usually, the yarn is wrapped completely around the ‘stick’ (or spindle) portion of the drop spindle like these:

That helps maintain the balance of the spindle allowing it to spin longer. When you want to put your spinning down, simply wrap your leader yarn around the hook a few times

None of the pictures are mine … it has been a few years since I took pictures of my spindling and it was a lot faster to grab pics from the web.

Your yarn is looking great!! With this type of natural spinning skill, you might want to consider taking the Master Spinner program from Olds College

Yeah, I keep forgetting to move the previously hooked yarn and wrap it on the stick. Then again, I only watched one video on using a drop spindle to get the general idea, but I didn’t pay attention to what they did once they ran out of arm length, lol.

The last rolags made 58ft of yarn, looks like I forgot to get a picture of it on the cpvc I’m using to set it before moving it to the cardboard tube. So pic is with the others rolled under it.

Easier to use the rolag for felting, too. So I guess I’ll be busy making tons of those now! Lol
Bigger issue is that I don’t like knitting, so IDK what all do with all the yarn… =/

Check out Abby Franquemont’s youtube channel for drop spindling. She [I]is [/I]the queen!

What to do with the yarn when you don’t like knitting? There is crochet, or weaving (search weaving without a loom … there’s even a book) or needle felting embellishment!

Or you could drape it artistically around your home and call it decor …

Why yes I am a fiber enabler … :mrgreen:

Making slow progress with the felt horse.

And I turned the left over Lolla brushed out wool into rolags.

Then I remembered I had a ton of coarse wool I had first started with and started turning those into rolags. No pics of those yet.

Any reason you can’t use wool that is only washed as stuffing/core wool for felting critters? Hate using the soft stuff as core wool…

2/3rds done turning them into rolags. =)

Of course there is no reason why you can’t do that … this is the Fiber Arts … there are no rules!!

The horse is looking good!

Turned last batch to rolag, next batch washed and drying

A beautiful sight!

:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

Almost dry from yesterday’s batch. Decided to wash another batch since it’s sunny and low humidity today.

Ordered more felting needles from Felting Alive. Last time I got a surprise free extra needle and this time, I got a surprise free purple fiber. IDK what it’s made of.

Oopsies, IDK why it looks blue in the picture…

VM is in it, so guessing it’s something natural.

Figured it out, it’s American wool from mix breed sheep, medium-fine & short-fibered.

Purple often photographs blue.

You’re getting quite the felting needle collection!! Guess now you’re armed and dangerous … mostly to yourself OUCH!

Decided to wash the rest of it.