Cardinal pattern

Im looking for a picture/pattern of a perching cardinal. or a full cardinal. most i have found have been just part of a cardinal.

heres what i need it for.

The school’s mascot where my son goes is a cardinal.

They have asked me to make them a cardinal to hang in the hallway in front of a box they have made. it would be the size of a baby blanket.

I could also take the logo and try to design one myself but im not that good. lol

so if i could find a rather large picture/chart of a cardinal i could get this done.

also…if this is to be hung indefinately…it prob wouldnt do to make it knitted? Would crochet be better? i Could try to sew something together which would be the ideal thing I think.

Apparently this will be with them a while. so I need to make something that will hold up over time.

I need some help here and would appreciate any yall could give.