I’ve done up a sweater that needs seams sewn up (still working on that) and I’m doing a sweater that is done in the round, almost done with that one :slight_smile:
My next project I’d like to do is a caridgan. How difficult is that for a beginner? I’m afraid of button holes! They seem difficult.

I don’t think cardigans are any more difficult than a pullover, and making a button band isn’t that hard either. It’s more tedious and a pain in the hiney and something you might have to do more than once to make it look nice. :slight_smile: At least that’s my experience.

For your first cardigan, you might want to try to find a pattern where the button bands are knit right into the pattern so you don’t have to pick them up and knit them on later.

A Cardi was my first (and only finished so far) adult sweater.

Other than being larger I didn’t find it any harder than pullovers.

This is going to be my next sweater project:
only 3 buttonholes!