Does anyone have a pattern for a 2xl cardigan for a man. I would really like to have one that is top down. Its for my Dad and I am having trouble finding a pattern for him. Anyone that can help me out will get big xoxoxoxox from me. :heart:

Have you checked the site?


Not sure exactly what you’re looking for, but there’s one here that zips that goes up to xxl. It has the option for regular button bands as well and it’s top down.

What I am looking for is something for a man that is open all the way down in the front with no zipper (buttons preferred but not needed). Most patterns are kinda girly. Something simple with at the most small cables. I have worsted weight yarn for it already so that is a must. It does not have to be top down I just wanted to try one that way. Sorry to be difficult thats probably why I cant find one.:wall: