Cardigan with Cabled Points by Nivky Epstien

This pattern was in a supplement of my ‘Knitting’ magazine. I love the look of it, bu it’s only a side view. I can’t seem to find any other pictures of it. I can’t really afford to buy the book (it’s the book or yarn, I want yarn!)

I’ve found that a lots of people have found errors in this pattern. Has any one tried this? Or have the pattern? I’m not that strong a knitter if I start and then come across errors I can’t really fix them.

Any advice would be great thanks.

I tried Ravelry and there was no picture and no one making it although I did find out that it was in Knitting Beyond the Edge. I also google searched for images and didn’t see any. :shrug:

However, I did find some corrections here. There may be more, but this is all I found.

Maybe you can get it at your library? I do that a lot when I can’t afford a book, then I make a copy of the pattern I want.

Thanks Jan, I’m going to email the knitting magazine it came in. Seems poor to me that they don’t show a front or back view just the side.

I’ve copied the corrections just in case I ever feel brave enough to tackle something like this in the future.