Cardigan size preference? what size do you like?

Well, I’m making my first cardigan. It’s from Vogue Knitting Winter 2004/5 and it’s on page 63, “shapely cardigan hugs your curves for an oh-so-flattering fit”. The bottom is done in double moss stitch before switching to stockinette.

I’m using this natural sheepy wool. I want to be certain it’s not too small coz my vest I just made was! My bust ! is 40". I have a choice of 38" (No) 41" or 44 1/2" or 48 (No)
I was going to do 41" but I’m thinking a cardigan should be a little roomy even if it is “shapely”. So now I’m thinking I should do the 44 1/2" size. Do you think that’s a good decision? Don’t want it to pull when buttoned. Thanks for any help!

I’d go for the 44. One inch of ease isn’t enough, even for a sweater that you wear alone.

INGRID! Oh my I haven’t heard from you for ages it seems!
THANK YOU, actually I remember you talking about size once and I think you said you have to remember you might want to wear it over a shirt etc. (I think that was you). I was just casting on for the smaller 41" and I thought wait a minute…
so yeah, I think the 44" is better and your input confirmed it.
Thanks so much and Happy Holidays! :hug: