Cardigan- pick up and knit stiches on armhole

Hi everyone! I’m reading these instructions for a cardigan but don’t quite understand the picking up part. After knitting the back which looks like /\ ,I need to work on the armholes. The instructions start off like:

WS: k1, p2, k1, p2, k1.Turn piece so RS is facing you. Working from left to right, use crochet hook to pick up in reverse direction and knit one stitch into each row and make YO groups as below.

With yarn attached to live stitches and beginning next to last stiches worked, YO , [pick up pattern] until 63 stitches.

I understand how the pick up and knit structured work but don’t understand the very first line, like do I just k1,p2,etc and then do the pick up & knit stitches?

I bought the pattern so didn’t want to list the entire detailed steps but this is the Ravelry link with pictures

Thanks for your help!

Welcome to KH!

Looks like you work the 7sts from the wrong side, k1, p2, k1, p2, k1 then turn to the RS. Now use the working yarn to pick up sts from left to right. This is the opposite of the usual direction for picking up sts. Usually you would have the crochet hook in your right hand. For this, the crochet hook will be in the left hand.
I pick up several sts and then slip them off the back of the crochet hook onto the needle. Of course, if it’s easier, you can pick up sts with the left hand needle for this part of the pattern.

Thank you for clarifying! I was a bit confused since this instruction was under the “Picking up stiches” section and I saw k1,P1,etc as the first step.

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Just stuck at this same spot. I don’t understand the direction to “begin with the next to last stitch worked.” That stitch is on the needle and the first stitch I’m supposed to make is a YO. Once I’m picking up stitches going down the slanted side I understand what I’m supposed to be doing, but I’m confused about how to get to that spot based on the directions. Any words of clarification? Thx.

Welcome to KH!

The direction is unusual in that you’re picking up sts from left to right. That’s a bit awkward for a righthanded knitter because you need to pick up sts with your left hand. Make the yarn over on the left hand needle and then begin picking up sts with the left hand needle.
You could use a crochet hook held in the left hand if that’s any easier and then transfer the sts to the left needle.

Thank you for your quick reply. I figured out what my problem was after I read your note. The directions say “…beginning next to last stitch…”. I took this to mean the stitch before the last stitch, “next to last“ which was very confusing but now I see it meant “next to the last stitch” that is, after it!

I’m unstuck! Thx again.