Cardigan pattern

Help! I am attempting my f(6:10:irst sweater, and am stumped by the following instructions

Shape neck: Work 6 rows dec 1 st at end (neck edge) of 1st and foll 4th row[/b]
19 (20:21:22:23:25) sts

Shape armhole: work 5 (5:5:5:5:7) rows dec 1 st at armhole edge in every row AT THE SAME TIME dec 1st at neck in 3rd and every foll 0 (0:0:0:0:4th) row. 13(14:15:16:17:16) sts. Work 10 (6:10:14:14:8) rows dec 1 st at neck edge only in 2nd (2nd:2nd:2nd:4th) and every foll 4th row. 10(12:12:12:13:14)sts. Work 6 (12:6:6:6:12) rows dec 1 st at neck edge in 6th row and every foll 0 ((6th:0:0:0;6th )row 9(10:11:11:12:12) sts.

If o could help me define the bold parts I would greatly appreciate it…my mom is out of town!

It depends on what size you’re making. The directions will differ, so if you let us know the size it will be easier.

i am working on a size 12, which is the third number in…

On your first highlighted part, you’ll work 5 rows, decreasing at the armhole edge every row and as you do that, you’ll decrease at the neck edge on the third of those 5 rows.–16 stitches remaining.

Over the next 14 rows, you’ll decrease at the neck edge on the 2nd, 6th, 10th and 14th rows–12 stitches remaining (you don’t decrease on the armhole on these rows)

thank you…that make a little moe sense!

I use a highlighter to mark the size I’m knitting all the way through the pattern> Helps to keep my eye on where it needs to be. I find a pack of different colours a useful tool.