Cardigan Pattern - what does it mean to "work as established?"

Hello! I’m a beginning knitter working this specific pattern for a cardigan:

I am currently stuck on the shaping for the front right side. Particularly, this part of the pattern:

Begin front shaping:

Next row (RS): Sl 1, P 1, (K 1, P 1) three times, SSK, K to end of row. (41, 49, 57 sts)

Next 7 rows: Work as established, slipping the 1st st of each row, knitting the K sts and purling the P sts.

If I am to “work as established,” what would the pattern for the next row look like? Would it be exactly the same as the previous row? I’ve scoured several sites and videos, but cannot wrap my head around what the next row will consist of. Appreciate any help I can get! Thank you. :slight_smile:

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Hi,Welcome to KH :grinning:
Work as established simply means keep the pattern running correctly as you have been doing up to this point.Your next row will be the WS row which you have been using up to now ( Next row (WS): Sl 1, P to last 8 sts, (K 1, P 1) four times.)
You then work another 6 rows using those RS and WS pattern rows.When done you then repeat the front shaping row( this is your new row 1) followed by another 7 of the pattern rows and you keep repeating these 8 rows until you reach the required stitch count for the size you are making.
Hoping this helps, enjoy your knitting


It just means to keep the pattern running, as someone else also said!

That is right!

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