Cardigan pattern query

I’m knitting a Fair Isle knitting pattern, and am a little confused about the pattern for the back. I have attached the relevant section of the pattern. I have got 145 sts on the needle at the moment, and it’s all just straight, no shaping.
I’m confused, as it says to decrease 1 st at the end of every (following) alternate row, but won’t that make it asymmetric? It’s the back of the cardigan, so shouldn’t it be symmetric, i.e. decrease by the same amount on each side of the piece?


Hi and welcome!
You’re to increase at each end of the row. That means increasing at the beginning of the row and at the end of the row. That’ll be 2sts increased on each inc row.
Do that on the next row and every other row after that until you reack the number of sts for your size (101?).

Thanks so much, I read it as the end of each row, not each end. Thanks!!